COMPASSO – square table (instructions sheet)

COMPASSO and COMPASSINO by Giovanni Bellini

design by Giovanni Bellini


Compasso table's design is derived from an interior design project for a Wine bar. Its architectural looking framework was designed to achieve good robustness even when built with low quality materials (i.e. recycled wood from pallets). Compasso ( in Italian compass - the one for drawing circles) stands out for its modern elegance. It is easily customizable by adding coloured details or using combinations of different woods for different components.

It fits both private spaces and public locals and can be combined with Compassino stools.

The fir and pine wood light colour tone makes compassino fitting perfectly into a neutral colour environment with modern, minimal furniture.

You might even make it out of darker colour tone timber to be able to set it together with classical style furniture.

And if you paint it with coloured non-toxic paints, it takes on a playful look so that you can use it for your kid’s room.

But now it’s up to you to find out your favourite combination.

Download the building instructions sheet by clicking on the button below.

Have fun!


Leroy-merlin-logo-300x195Materials used for realizing this design have kindly been provided by Leroy Merlin

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