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compassino - sgabello / stool - design by giovanni bellini - giobellini

COMPASSINO – stool (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini Figlio del tavolo Compasso, lo sgabello Compassino ne ha ereditato la robustezza. Architettonicamente elegante, moderno, e forte al tempo stesso, è facilmente personalizzabile aggiungendo dettagli colorati od utilizzando diverse essenze per alcune parti della struttura (es. piedi e tramezzi). Its aesthetic, simple yet elegant, makes Compassino stool suitable to be used […]

EES - sgabello / stool - design by Giuseppe De Chirico

EES – stool (instructions sheet)

by Giuseppe De Chirico   Ees is a high stool with a simple and neutral structure that fits well in any environment. You can customize it with some color; perhaps with fluorescent paint or a more classic color, it is up to you! Download for free the instruction sheet (PDF file) for building the EES […]



SATOSHI – bedside table (instructions sheet)

design by Giuseppe De Chirico “Satoshi” is a simple bedside table. Its design reminds that of Rietveld furniture and its appearance – which is reminiscent of traditional Japanese interiors – confers to it an exotic look. Honeycomb polypropylene sheets are used for the construction of the outer shell and the drawer.   Download for free […]


TRE – coffee table (instructions sheet)

design by Giuseppe De Chirico “Tre” can be used as a coffee table; its construction is very simple but not banal. The transparent tabletop rests directly on the three vertices of the three legs that form the base, showing the interesting intersections. Download instruction sheet for TRECopyright tre by giuseppe de chirico is licensed under […]


COMPASSO – square table (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini   Compasso table’s design is derived from an interior design project for a Wine bar. Its architectural looking framework was designed to achieve good robustness even when built with low quality materials (i.e. recycled wood from pallets). Compasso ( in Italian compass – the one for drawing circles) stands out for […]



R-US7 – wardrobe (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini   With R-US7 we took the wardrobe to its bone: no more panels and doors : just a rotisserie looking structure. You will be able to customize it with beautiful textiles and with your objects. R-US7 is lightweight and easy to assemble: perfect for a nomadic lifestyle. Download instruction sheet for […]



MOL – table lamp (instructions sheet)

design by Giuseppe De Chirico   Mol is a table lamp consisting of two geometric elements: base and diffuser. The costs to realize it are low, but the end result is a harmonious and elegant object, which uses the translucency of the polypropylene to create a warm and diffused ambient lighting. Download for free the […]


K-R-7UC – lamp (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini is an honeycomb polypropylene lamp, very easy and fun to make. With the coloured cord you can hang it everywhere you want. You can invent your own use and customize this lamp simply by cutting into the polypropylene. Have fun! (See also 3D-MA2 lamp)   Download instruction sheet for K-R-7uc Download […]

3D-Ma2 + KR7UC lampada a piantana/floor lamp - design by Giovanni Bellini / Giobellini

3D-MA2 – multipurpose lamp (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini is a 1000 uses lamp stand. It is lightweight but tough and simple to disassemble when not used: there’s no need for screws or glue for its assembling. You need to use it together with K-R-7UC lamp. Lighting up your personal spaces in a creative way is going to be a […]



D-garden – home gardening support (instructions sheet)

by Giuseppe De Chirico   D-garden is a support for home gardening but it is extremely versatile: with or without the shelves you can use it for books, kitchen tools, spices, plants etc. The options are endless! It is excellent for small spaces and it can be moved around very easily thanks to the casters. […]


DEAD-MAN-STANDING – valet stand (instructions sheet)

design by Giovanni Bellini   DEAD-MAN-STANDING is a reinterpretation of the classic valet stand (in italian “uomo morto” – dead man). It is a furniture piece that dresses up as you undress and stays so until the morning after. You can customize it in many ways, following your taste and your needs. Or you can […]