Guido from Buenos Aires built Compasso Table using the instructions from and recycled wood.

Guido Patricio is a 28 years old carpenter from Buenos Aires (Argentina). He was the first user of sending us images of a design object that has been built by following the instructions from

Guido ha built Compasso table, originally designed by Giovanni Bellini, applying to it some customizations.

Compasso - Giovanni Bellini - - by guido

The most evident modification regards the table top that has been substituted with a split laths top.

This “variation on the theme” conferes to Compasso table such a garden furniture look. This is a good example of how you can switch the context of use of a design by modifying some features of the original project.

And that’s not all folks! Because the most brilliant customization that Guido applied to the Compasso table is that relative to the material he used for producing it! Guido has built his table by using recycled pine wood from wooden floors!

By using this material, the maker applied to the object some original details that you can’t miss: look how he turned the side grooves of the wooden floors into a nice detail for the legs’ profile. Isn’t it brilliant?

Compasso - Giovanni Bellini - - by guido

This fantastic work demonstrates how design objects available on can be easily modified in order to fit anyone’s needs, which is one of the principles of project, and one of the main concepts of open source philosophy. It works like this: Giovanni has an idea, he developes it and makes it available for other users via a web platform, Guido picks the idea and he shapes it on his needs that are slightly different from Giovanni’s and shares it on the same web platform, where other users can use it, modify, getting inspired and so on…

This is the open source philosophy, this is the philosophy.

Gracias Guido

Compasso - Giovanni Bellini - - by guido

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