MOL and MOL junior – Monica builds herself the lamps for her bedroom dresser and bedside tables.

Monica attended at a DIY workshop by designalike for the making of the table lamp MOL designed by Giuseppe De Chirico. This lamp is made out of honeycomb polypropylene that is quite a ductil material you can build many kind of objects with.


During this workshop Monica asked us to provide her with dimensions for building a smaller version of the actual MOL table lamp, since she wanted to make two lamps for her new house’s bedside tables.


So, after making some test on the hard bending of polypropylene, we were able to provide Monica with MOL junior table lamp building instructions.

In the pictures that Monica sent us, you can see the MOL table lamp made in two different dimensions: Monica setted the original bigger MOL lamp on her dresser while the two smaller ones stand on the bedside tables.


This is such a good example to understand how you can customize the original designs that you find on in order to fit your personal needs.

We want to congratulate with Monica for her simple yet great idea!

Sure… we are going to publish the instructions for MOL junior lamp so anyone can have his bedside table lamp!


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